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3 Interior Designing Hacks to Light up your Home

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Sep , 5
3 Interior Designing Hacks to Light up your Home

3 Interior Designing Hacks to Light up your Home


Interior Designing is the art of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier living space. It’s nice to take pride in revamping one’s house and a little bit of up-cycling can really make the difference. And don’t worries, as it will not burn a hole in the pocket as the living space can be up-cycled with easy hacks.

So if you’re soon to commit to a décor overhaul or are just looking to spruce up a room, here are 3 of our favourite simple interior design tips to make a space just that little bit more unique.


1) Jazz It Up

To refurbish one’s house there is no need to spend a fortune as one can utilize simple hacks. Create a montage of your favorite memories by hanging up photos in either themed or mismatched frames. Antique coffee tables or low tables that consume less space can be added to stylize the room.


2) Bright and Modern

If you want to brighten up your living space, you can try out these simple tricks. It’s not necessary to paint the walls white but you can opt for lighter colours that will reflect the sunlight. Choosing lighter hues will send the light to all surfaces indirectly brightening up space. Consider tones of baby blue, creamy yellow, light green or dusky rose. To add it up, choose all the furnishings and other accessories also in a light shade.

Add if you want to introduce light more into your apartment, you can replace wooden doors with glass ones to beautify it.


3) Enhance the Kitchen Area

If your kitchen area is small and there is not enough of natural light penetrating than you can make it look spacious. To do this, you need to employ several optical illusions. Painting the walls with light colours will reflect the natural light and hence the kitchen will look wide and enormous. Choose mirrors that will bounce the light that will add more depth to the room.

To revamp your house, Interior Phase will help you to make your home look spacious and pleasing. Build your dream home the way you want and we will be there to design it for you.

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